Where to buy scrubs in NJ?

  1. 0 Hi all

    I just got a job
    I need to buy scrubs. I don't want to order online b/c I don't know if they will fit or not so I would like to try them on. Wallmart will not cut it at this time

    Are you aware of stores in NJ that sell Medical Uniforms or Scrubs?

    Thanks in advance for all your help!
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    Congrats on geting your job!!

    Belle Uniforms
    266 Main St
    Paterson, NJ 07505
    (973) 977-9733

    This is a store that has a ton of uniforms. Sucha huge selection.
    But it's in Paterson that may not be close to where you live.
    Parking can be a pain in the neck, but they have great deals.

    Oh, and you can just plain single colored scrubs you can go to Walmart and get out teh door for under 20 bucks if you don't mind the plain solid colors. Belle has pretty much everything you could think of
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    I am also very interested in this question .
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    AllAngels, if you don't mind my asking...are you a new grad? If you are, did you begin looking for a job before or after you completed your program? Also, how long did it take you to secure this position? Is the hospital in NJ and how much are they starting you off with? I will be graduating in August and would greatly appreciate your responses. Thanks in Advance.
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    Hi there,

    Yes I am a new grad hence the no scrubs yet lol
    Everyone recommends to start looking before you graduate however, I doubt that this helps with the way the market is in NJ. I didn't look until I finished my NCLEX and also got my ACLS cert (I wanted to tackle one issue at a time and I needed the time off after doing an 15 months of a BSN degree). I wasn't able to find any jobs in NJ, so I am relocating to VA. The pay there is very very very low comparing to even NJ's lowest paying jobs. If you can pick up and go anywhere, and would like a specialty area, I would recommend you start looking outside of NJ. Many opportunities are out there for new grads that we would have to kill for in NJ.

    I hope this helps and best of luck to you
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    Thanks you...I do agree that it is become quite tedious looking for a good or any job for that matter in NJ.
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    Where in VA are you relocating to? I am from NJ, moved out 1 year ago after graduation and work in VA. Just curious, LOL.
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    congrats on the job!!!!! where in nj are you from? i know a few places with good prices. are you around burlington? i have been dealing with belle uniforms for school and i have had a horrible experience with them. i would not be using them if i didnt have to.
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    Life Uniform..... Walmart even has cheap scrubs.
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    Scrubs & Beyond have a great selection. I believe there's a store in the Jersey Gardens. (I recommend 'Dickies Perfect Pants'!)
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    Also, try online: www.hice.com Great prices for pants, tops, lab coats, etc.

    Also, cheap scrubs, $5.00 each at Odd Lot and as someone else mentioned, WalMart.
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    Life Uniform - there's one pretty much near or in every major mall. They're everywhere.

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