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University Medical Center of Princeton

  1. 0 Has anyone worked for the new Princeton hospital in Plainsboro? Been trying to get into this hospital but unfortunately my credentials are not enough. How is it there? Is the pay good? How are the units? How are the nurses? Hope to get some insights. Do they hire ADN's?
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    I heard they're having some financial problems and they just had a layoff
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    I worked there as a nursing assistant for 4 years before I became a nurse! PM me with any questions, I would be happy to answer them.
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    Does anybody have any insight on how it is to work here? Culture? How people treat each other in general. Working conditions?? Etc.?

    Thanks so much!!!
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    I've worked there 6 years and love the people that work there. As a nurse, there is a lot of support. I love my co-workers and when I go to other floors, they are equally as helpful. Pay is good compared to southern NJ hospitals (where I commute from). There are some issues, as there are with any hospital, but overall - I like it. Feel free to message me for more info!