UMDNJ Teas & Math exams

  1. Hi to all umdnj nursing students can anyone tell me if the TEAS exam is part of the admissions requirement and do you also have to test out of math exam as well. Thanks
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  3. by   iPink
    You're lucky, I passed through and saw your thread. It's best to post UMDNJ questions in the NJ program section we have here.

    The answer to your question is No. TEAS is just a self-evaluation. Plenty people I know did not do well on the TEAS, but are doing excellent within the program. You are required to take the TEAS, even if you've taken it already. Don't sweat over it as it is NOT an admissions requirement. Those who sit for the TEAS and writing assignment are those who've already been accepted into the program.
  4. by   Medic2RN
    Moved to the NJ nursing programs forum for more of a response.