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  1. 0 Hi there. I am a male nurse graduate (diploma RN w/associates) in NJ. I am beginning my search for my first job and my goal was to land a hospital position in a med-surge unit so after 1 year or so, I can go into a speciality or branch off into something different. However, I came across an opportunity of a position at a non-hospital facility in their sub-acute unit through a personal connection. They do everything, vents, PICC, etc... My question, will taking a position in this unit limit my oppportunities down the road as I will not have the same experience as I would in a hospital. Also, for those who may not be aware, the job market for grads (both Diplomas and BSN) is very bad here in NJ, so should I take this spot because the experience is similar to a hospital and/or because the market stinks and any spot is good right now. Thanks for your input.
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