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  1. I went to the BON website for our state and searched for my name on the website. My name came up but status pending... i took the test 2 days ago i dont know if i passed or not. but how long after you pass do they actually post your license number and change it to ACTIVE?
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  3. by   hafsa2009
    I think if it says completed you passed
  4. by   Double-Helix
    It took them about two weeks between when I passed the NCLEX and when they posted my license number. It will say pending until they have reviewed everything and give you a number.

    They are slow with everything.

    Since it's been two days you can go to the Pearson VUE website and pay to get your quick results which will tell you if you passed or failed. Or you can try the Pearson VUE trick.
  5. by   NJRN33
    Yes I agree with Ashley they're too slow when it comes to giving you a lisence #. It may take up to 8 weeks I was told. I was lucky enough to get my # within 3 weeks of passing the boards.Good luck hope you get it soon

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