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  1. 0 Hi everybody!!!

    I'm a newbie, and I want to say how thankful I am for, that we nurses can communicate, and learn from each other through this forum.

    I just want to ask for some insights from those who works or have worked at St. Joseph's Regional Medical Center in Paterson, NJ. How is the preceptorship? How many weeks do they give for orientation in Med-Surg? What is their nurse-patient ratio in med-surg? How is the hospital overall? I would really, really appreciate your insight.
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    I would also like to know the same information in regards to ER/ICU. Any comments would be appreciated.
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    Quote from Rockcrawlerbabe
    I would also like to know the same information in regards to ER/ICU. Any comments would be appreciated.
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    hello, i work in saint joseph hospital as a nursing assistant in the med-surg unit(night shift). i am half way through an associate degree. im not sure how long they give orientation to new nurses but i know the ration for pt to nurse is usually 1:5. unless they are short for some reason, however we have a lot of newly hired nurses at the moment and the unit has not been short for a while. the hospital is good overall, its known to have a low turnover rate and most nurses who come stay. the staff in my unit is known for being great to the new nurses and the ones who have been hired all say they are learning a lot and tell me i should do med-surg post grad. I have never worked the ER but i now its a busy busy busy place. I would also like to work there after i graduate, but was told by one of the new nurses who had just transfered out of the er in valley hosp that its not a good place for new RNs. she found it way to hectic, however everyone if different!! also,saint joe just raised the starting rate for new RNs, i can find out how many weeks they orient for tomorrow.
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    i just found out today from one of the new graduates currently orienting, that she will orient for 3 months.
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    Thank you for answering all my questions. I sincerely appreciate it.
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    hey you know if saint josephs are hiring any nursing assistants?
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    to: nurselulu111

    log in to [color=#1e6c14] all open position are posted there.

    [color=#1e6c14]for c.n.a. are know as pca - personal care associates.

    [color=#1e6c14]good luck ! :typing

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    Does anyone work in the hospital as a PCA?
    I just have a few questions...I am finishing up pre-req in order to get into the RN program at PCCC. I do need to work and was considering getting certified as a nursing asst.
    Would anyone mind sharing the salary offered? Also, do you need certification or do they offer training?
    Any info would be appreciated...thanks!
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    moving from texas to north jersey within 6 months , I was wondering if st.joseph is hiring at this time ???????? i'm a adn with 2 1/2 years experience as a lpn on med surg unit and alomst a year in step down intermediate care unit , any information would be greatly be appreciated it for this country boy ))))