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Seton Hall's BSN program

  1. 0 If anyone is a graduate of SHU or is a current student there can you please provide any info about their BSN program and how you like/liked it? It would be greatly appreciated! Thanks
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    Hi, I am a recent graduate of seton hall's BSN program. I would say they do have a good program and good professors for nursing. They are affiliated with almost every hospital in NJ.. which could be a bad thing at the same time because they make students travel as far as jersey shore medical center for clinicals. I would say that the program is definitely do-able if your study and work hard.. you will NOT fail out like some of the other colleges i know. Seton hall has an awesome rep too.. whenever i got on interviews for RN positions and i tell them i graduated from SHU... they are instantly impressed. Any other questions.. lemme know!