Seton Hall University ABSN 14-month Program (Fall 2013)

  1. Hi Everyone who applied to Seton Hall University's ABSN 14-month Program (Fall 2013) located in Lakewood, NJ!

    I created this thread because I searched and I searched but I could NOT find a single topic relating to this years applicants. Please share with me your thoughts, frustrations, and excitement about this accelerated BSN program.

    Also has anyone heard back from or received a decision letter from the Admissions Committee? I am soooo anxious!!! Can't wait to hear from the rest of you out there!

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  3. by   studenthopeful
    I was accepted into SHU accelerated BSN program (Lakewood)! Where are all my future classmates?!
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  4. by   CEL88
    Just found out I was accepted as well!
  5. by   hrp02
    Hello, so I have also been accepted to the SHU ABSN program in Lakewood! I have been trying to look for a group on FB, but I couldn't find one. Did anyone go to the financial aid meeting today? Just wanted to know if it was helpful.

    Also, if anyone knows of one that has already been started, let me know please !
  6. by   jmw06005

    I am interested in this program. How do you like it? Also what was your GPA and your pre-req grades, did you write an essay, if you don't mind me asking? is it competitive to get into?

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