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Seton Hall, Rutgers, Ramapo for BSN

  1. 0 Im a high school senior who just recently got excepted into all three! I got a scholarship where I would pay the same tuition for Seton Hall as for Rutgers. I was just wondering if either of these schools was better for a bsn. Also, if you happen to know what affiliations these schools have, it would be very helpful! Thank you
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    went to Seton hall it was the best!!!
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    Could you tell me more about Your experience at Seton Hall vs others experiences at other universities you have heard?

    I have heard from other nurses that the program wis horrible and nearly being shut down, since Seton Hall's pass rates are so low (58%). With this said, I am pleasantly surprised to hear positive feedback and was curious if you had any insight or feedback to this.