right at home/karing with kindness

  1. Hello everyone, has anyone worked for either of these two home care agencies? I don't have a lot of nursing experience and have been offered a possible job with these agencies and would like to know what to expect at a home health care job.I feel really awkward going into strangers houses.
    Thank you
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  3. by   lyndseyx3x
    I wouldn't suggest Karing with Kindness, if it's the one in Beachwood. I signed up to do their CNA class and withdrew because their whole company is ran very unprofessionally, in my personal opinion. They were rude and RN that was supposed to teach us often left after 20 minutes and left the class up to a young girl with no professional nursing experience. Hopefully they're better employers than educators.
  4. by   NMlpn2rn
    I kind of got the same vibes from karing with kindness.I will try Right at Home and i'm looking into moving more up north in the Monmouth County area so I hope there's more options up there.
  5. by   LJ85
    I worked for them years ago as a CNA. I guess they were ok but I do agree with the lack of professionalism. Never worked for right at home but I live in mon. county so pm me if you want, I've worked for MANY agencies lol.