psych nursing wages

  1. 0 anyone know what i as a psych nurse with 5 years exp could earn per hour/ and whos paing this
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    At University Behavioral HealthCare in Piscataway they are paying over $50,000 for a new RN. They are set up on a per-yers of expeience base so it goes up for each year!!
    They have just changed their scales. They also have state benifits and full medical benifits for part-timers. I know they have open positons and are looking for nurses. They also will be looking for correction nurses!
    Staff RN and Assistant Nurse Mangager positons open!!!
    The per-diem rate was also increased and they pay for $45- 57.50 per hr.
    You can apply on line at University Of Medicine and Dentristy of New Jersey. Just go to UMDNJ
    I hope this helps

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