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Per Diem rate?

  1. 0 I'm thinking about applying for a PD position here in NJ, granted I won't hold my breath that i'll get anything in this economy... but i digress... It's been a few years since i've done bedside nursing. What's the going rate for a per diem RN? I want to fill out the applications with realistic numbers and not short sell myself.
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    i just came from a Job fair (disheartening to say the least) and day per-diem rate from the packet the recruiter gave me was for med/surg was 41.50/hr at chilton hospital in North Jersey. evening/weekend and nights were more.
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    Wow, that's pretty good. I was making closer to 28/hr about 5 years ago.
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    And it jumps to $50/hr is you commit to every weekend (nights) and some holidays!