NYU or Ramapo College for BSN?

  1. I got a $10,000 scholarship to Ramapo, so it would only be about $3,000 a year. I got a $25,000 scholarship to NYU, but it is still pretty expensive. I was wondering, regardless of cost of tuition, which is better for a traditional undergraduate BSN? If NYU's program is worth the money, please let me know. If anyone is going to one of these schools currently or has graduated, I would love to get some feedback. Thank you!
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  3. by   helpers56
    Hey I applied to both schools still waiting to hear back. What did you end up deciding and why
  4. by   joyceleon
    I chose Ramapo just because it was much more budget friendly. Also has good connections with hospitals in the area where I would want to work. So far I'm loving it
  5. by   helpers56
    Thanks for replying. Did you apply as a transfer student, how big are the class sizes, are the nursing classes as tough as people say. I applied to Saint Peters but I have to take my teas

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