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  1. Hi there,
    I would you to know you guys who have ever gotten a NY license and endorse NJ . Did you take long time to do that after pass NCLEX-RN? I am Thai nurse and would like to worked as a nurse in NJ but I don't want to waste my time to get CGFNS certificate so I have already applied for NY state and I plan to endorse to NJ after I pass the exam and gotten NY license. ( I don't need the visa to live here because I got married with American citizen) The questions are
    - Can I endorse to NJ immediately after I pass NCLEX and get NY license already? If no, How long to wait for the procession?
    -After I send the application to NJ, how many months to get everything done and can work as a nurse in NJ ?
    -Is it harder than American nurse to get a nursing job in NJ? Do they need TOEFL exam?
    Thank you
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