anyone know anything about it?? | allnurses anyone know anything about it??

  1. 0 have any of you heard anything about this program or gone through it to get some pre-requisites? it is only valid in nj, ny, oh, pa and va and only certain schools accept the credits.

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    I looked at it and honestly would not waste my time or money. You are not getting any pre-reqs to any college credits you need towards a nursing degree.The science courses they are preping you on are H.S. Bio & Chem which you need with labs as pre-reqs for your College science courses such as Anatomy & Physiology, Micro Biology and Gen. Chem in certain schools.

    If you had these in H.S.w/labs you do not need to retake them for college as long as you passed with b-c or better. The math is basic H.S.Algebra which you need to have passed to take your college science courses. Nursing schools look real hard at your science grades as it is the building blocks to the profession. I could not imagine a good school accepting these courses for a pre-req for college science.

    Your better off registering with your local community college and taking them there. Psy. courses can be taken online. science courses w/ labs require you to be there...besides the fact< why would you want to take courses at an online school that is not recognized nationwide? That's a BIG RED FLAG right there...Spend your time and money wisely in a place where your credits will transfer into a college you really want to be at!

    Good luck!
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