Nurse from Europe looking for university for RN qualifying course

  1. 0 Hi!
    I did my nursing program in Europe and try to get my license as a RN here in the USA now. The Board of Nursing requires me now to do one additional course in Psychiatric nursing, theory and clinical to be able to do my NCLEX exam and get my license. Does anyone know an university here in New Jersey offering this one single course?
    Thank you
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    Sorry, I am unable to assist you.

    Best advice I can offer is to contact schools of nursing in area your considering living in to see if they would consider enrollment. Many programs do not have one specific psychiatric course, but include content throughout the program. Most schools have curriculum online---see links to NJ schools in sticky post top of forum.

    Good luck!
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    Thanks Karen!
    You are right it is very difficult to find a school offering only this single course. I will try this, thank you!

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