Northern NJ, a few mins away from NYC any jobs for new grads?

  1. 0 Hello. I am on currently living in northern NJ, a few mins away from NYC. Currently waiting for BON to send my license. So I have decided to wait for my license until I start applying to jobs but not sure where to start looking. I would love to heat people's experience as NGs living in this area. Thanks!
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    thread moved for best response.
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    I am in the same area of New Jersey and so far it has been very hard finding a position. Are you an LPN, RN, BSN. Some homecare agencies hire new grads depending on license. Good luck!
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    Hey busyme10! I am RN, bsn. I would be interested in home care but it's kind of scary thinking of being on your own as a new grad. What about yourself? Do you know specifically which ones? Thanks!
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    If you are interested in peds try this company...
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