NJBoN requires Organ Donor and Recovery CEU's for RN license renewal by Feb. 2014

  1. 1 All Registered Nurses in NJ must complete at least 1 hr CE in organ/tissue donor and procurement by February 7, 2014 for license renewal.

    The NYSNA is currently offering a free 3.4 hr CE course entitled Think, Act, Care: The Role of the Nurse in Organ Tissue and Donation. It is fully accreditated by the ANCC.

    http://www.elearnonline.net/Free.aspx If for some reason you cannot access it then search for NYSNA and click on the CE tab. This one was found under "free/almost free".
    (yes, that is New York State Nurses Association)

    The article is highly informative, interesting and easy to read. The nurse's role is continually emphasized and additionally 3.4 CE hours for free can't be beat!
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