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    Was wondering if anyone has worked at Beth Israel Medical Center and if they did how they liked it? How is the neighborhood by the hospital? I have heard mixed things. I live in Staten Island work at NYPH per diem and the commute is just overwhelming. Have applied to Bayonne had a interview today, it went well but not as many hours as I was hoping for. Was considering applying to Beth Israel as well. Does anyone know the nurse pt ratio? Also how is the base and per diem? If anyone can give me whatever info they know I would greatly appreciate it!! Thanks
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    I work there. What unit are you inquring about? I'm in the ED. PM me if you need some info!
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    hey Rosie2903, i am new grad and had same questions about the facility. do they hire new grads and what they specifically look for into new grads...thanks
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    meh, they won't even call me for a volunteer position. ffs. its a free nurse why not take advantage? i don't get it.