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new jersey licenses 2012

  1. 0 Can anyone tell me how long it took to get a New JErsey licenses this year? I have applied for an endorsement licenses and the wait it killing me. I check the website a million times and I call but get no where. It is so frustrating!!
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    Renewal was really quick. Paid n renewed online,, n license came in mail in less than 2wks
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    Have no idea about endorsements though... Since u probably have to go through the whole background checks n stuff, youre probably caught up in the mix of new nurses just finishing the nclex =\
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    Yes the call center is useless!! It really shouldn't take this long. I sent in my application the first of July and still know nothing.
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    Yeah, I guess bad timing on my part
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    mine took about 6-8 weeks, endorsing from california. I hand delivered everything to the office in newark, not sure if that sped anything up.
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    I did mines in end of nov i got my license in feb. endorsed from cali also.