Monmouth County Vocational School

  1. 0 i was just recently accepted and was wondering if anyone had any advice or answers to my questions!

    is there a pre-nursing class taken over the summer if you start in september?
    around how much did you pay for books, where is the best place to buy them from?
    when do you have to wear the uniform?
    what are the instructors like?
    are they known to give pop quizzes almost everyday?
    overall how was your experience?
    and lastly, is anyone else starting in the fall? i got my acceptance letter, i am just waiting for the orientation!
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    Congratulations on your acceptance. The instructors you will have are tough. Mrs. Munsen and Mrs. Pritchard are no push overs, no spoon feeding with the two of them. You can expect to either quiz and or test almost every day. There is no pre-nursing class over the summer. They will graduate their current class end of July and start your class in September. I bought most of my books through, albiris, amazon and/or barnes & noble. You can expect to pay at least $500.00 for used books and much more if you buy brand new. Once uniforms are ordered and received you will wear them everyday unless told otherwise. The instructors do have a wonderful sense of humor, which will help. Pay attention, take notes, study hard and do not slack off and you will do fine. You are going to learn a tremendous amount of information in a very short amount of time. Brush up on your math skills, decimals, fractions, and multiplication. You can also get a jump start on metric/household conversion, gram to milligram to microgram; grains to milligram and vice versa. Take some time to review medical terminology, as it will come in handy. Best of luck to you, in your endeavor to become a nurse. I graduated in the January 09 class and can say with confidence the program, although stressful, fully prepared me for NCLEX-PN. Best of luck to you.
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    thanks! i started looking over med term but i need to brush up on my math, it's my biggest weakness. that's not a bad price for books. how many people did your class start off with, and how many graduated? I heard a lot of people drop out in the beginning because of the amount of work and stress. I work part-time in a retail job which has a lot of down time allowing me to be able to study so work and school shouldn't be a problem hopefully. did you work while going to school?
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    We started with 32, lost 1/3 by end of phase 1, 2 students joined us from the previous class; in the end 16 graduated (14 from the 32 origional). I worked part-time. Luckily I was pretty much able to set my own hours. Study and work hard and you will make it through.
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    Congratulations! This program has an excellent reputation and one of the highest board passing rates around. I graduated from this program in 1993. I doubt any of the same teachers are there but I am sure they will be fair. If you are a conscientious student you should have no problem. Good Luck!
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    How did you two end up paying for the program. Did you apply for any loans and if so which ones?
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    At the time I went in 1992 it was free. I heard that they have since started charging for it. I only had to pay for books and uniforms. How much is tuition now?
    Anyway, it is a good program and an education is always a good thing to invest in, especially in these tough times. Good luck to you.
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    I was fortunate enough to be able to pay for the tuition in 2 payments. I also submitted an essay and was awarded a $500.00 scholarship which helped when I was not working all that much. Now that I am working in a LTC facility, I can say that pharmacology is huge! Study your meds hard, as it will be well worth the time and effort in the long run.
    Be well,
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    Thanks everyone! tuiton now is $5500 plus books, uniforms, etc. I am very excited to start! I wish it was free now. Notthereyet, who did you submit the essay to?
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    The instructors will offer any scholarship opportunities to you, if and when they become available. I believe it was Monmouth Ocean Counties Business... something or other. I cant recall exactly who offered it. Enjoy life now, because you'll soon have no life other than school come September. And I am not exagerating! Good luck.

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