Med Dosage Test

  1. Yesterday- I passed my Med dosage test, 3rd try- the irony here is:
    1st time got one wrong because, I divided by the wrong number.
    2nd time I circled the Wrong letter on the scantron, but my test paper had the correct one.
    3rd time - the charm I RECHECKED ATLEAST 10 times.( by the way the 3rd one was the last chance and the hardest).
    What have I learned: To fill in the answers on the scantron as I go along and RECHECK, RECHECK, RECHECK!!!!
    Things I knew: (moving down= 3 places to Right/moving up 3 places to left)
    kg L
    g mL

    1 gr=60mg
    1 tsp=5mL

    Ratio and Proportion Method when measurements are the same and not the same.
    Conversion and then set it up.
    You can always CHECK to see if your answers are equal, if they are you have it right. You just plug it in for example 20: 100 :: 40: 200
    If you understand that- you got it.
    Also you can do it like Dosage / Hand x Quantity = Answer
    I will post some examples later, if this is confusing to you.
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  3. by   NRSKarenRN
    Third try's the charm sometime! Good luck in future classwork.