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LPN school in south Jersey

  1. 0 I'm looking for a good LPN school in south Jersey. Can anyone help me? I want to get started asap.
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    I am new here, but happened upon your post. I don't know where you live exactly, but I am starting Camden County Vo tech in April 09. It's in Gloucester twp.
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    BCIT has a 2 yr evening program starting in Feb at their Westampton campus. They also have 1 yr day programs starting at both their Westampton and Medford Campuses. They are also pretty reasonably priced. Check out their website, bcit.cc
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    Do you know if camden county is still accepting people for the april 2009 class?
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    Sorry I realize this is late, I had orientation for Camden County Tech today. I think they may have a few spots left, classes start April 8th. Although, you would need to take the TABE test to get into the program and I'm not sure if they are still administering it for this semester.