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Looking for Per Diem Positions in Southern NJ

  1. 0 I am looking for per diem opportunities in nursing in the south jersey region, preferably Atlantic County. I am a Navy Nurse with a med/surg, oncology, education & training, and clinic management background. I am still on active duty, but will most likely retire after this duty station. Any leads are greatly appreciated. I am currently licensed in VA, but pursuing NJ licnesure.
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    Have you looked at AtlantiCare www.atlanticare.org ? AtlantiCare medical center is in Atlantic City & Pomona. They have a wide variety of facilities even stretching down to Cape May county.
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    Thanks mom and student!! I have applied for several per diem/pool positions at Atlanticare, I just have not heard anything. I fear that I may not be considered because I have a Virginia license. I have applied for NJ licensure by endorsement. I guess I just need to wait and see. I really want a per diem position to keep up skills, as I am a Nurse in the US Navy currently in a leadership position. Thanks again!!
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    If you don't mind Long term care, Health Center at Galloway and Royal Suites(in Galloway) was looking for per diem for 11-7 shift