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Hi, Was wandering if anyone is starting the LPN program at Lincoln tech in moorestown in Feb 2011.... Read More

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    Hi everyone!
    I just wanted to reply back to the thread as I finished LT in June and am graduating today!
    First so happy this day is here! Such an accomplishment! As I said before the school has gotten bad reviews but it is totally up to the individual on how you make your experience! The program is not easy some classes were easier than others some instructors were good and some were bad but you make your experience! I am glad I got my education there and it's just a stepping stone to being closer to my bsn! I am now headed to Excelsior and yes my Lpn credits transfer! If anyone has any questions ask away!
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    I have a question? When u do the clinicals do they provide transportation or do you have to drive yourself. I am thinking really hard on going there for the LPN course. but i dont drive. Just wondering??? thanks for any information u can give me on this
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    Hey patcat!
    You do have to provide your own transportation to the clinical sites where are you coming from? The clinical sites I had weren't bad( like they were close to me...I had one that was 30min from me) but for the most part they are not that far!
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    I am from Riverside, when u ask for information they dont tell u this. I dont drive and my daughter will be going for there computer security program at the same time i am there and she is the driver.