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Job outlook in NJ

  1. 0 What does everyone think about the availability of jobs for new grads in 2014-2015 in hospitals?
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    no experience? look outside of nj.
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    That tough out there huh?
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    most of my friends from school went out of state including me. after 2 years exp its much easier to land a job. its just too crowded here and too many inexperienced and experienced people fighting for jobs . keep your mind open to relocating to pa, upstate ny, nc. youd be surprised how easy it is to land a job in western pa or upstate ny with good pay and great learning exp
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    How about if you specialize or get a certification?
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    Specialty credentials (BC, CCRN, CEN, etc.) require the equivalent of 2 years of full time work in the specialty to be eligible to sit for the certification examination. Courses such as ACLS and PALS are relative. Most employers that require such certifications will pay for you to take the courses as a condition of employment. Generally those who have experience with codes are more successful when taking the advanced classes such as Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) and Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS).
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    You can find a job in south jersey (around Cherry Hill), but it is tough. I know many people, including myself, had to start in LTC before getting into acute care. It seems to be easier if you have your BSN.
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    You can get acls bls but everyone else out there has them too. As far as speciality you need 2 years then sit in for the examination. Find a place thats willing to pay for ur acls or bls,,,, that or try ltc for awhile then do hospital
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    JOB outlook in 2014-2015 in New Jersey area. If you have no experience, it'll be tough! You're best bet would be in a LTC facility or Rehab. Do you know anybody in NJ that can help you get in any hospitals or nursing homes?

    It's tough in NJ but I would think it's tough everywhere. Best of luck!