IV Certification

  1. 0 Hi I am a brand new grad. I am getting desperate getting a job. I graduated with my ADN in May and currently taking classes towards my BSN.

    I'm wondering if getting IV certified will help me better find a job. Any advices will help. Thanks in advance.
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    not really.
    most jobs will pay for you to get your iv certification or train you on the job.

    when it comes down to it, everybody wants a nurse with experience, which cuts down their costs of training a new nurse. why spend money training a new nurse when there are a plethora of nurses out there already trained in xxxxx, and already desperate for a job because the job market is horrible.

    in the past i considered getting my acls, pals, etc, thinking that it would increase my chances of getting a job. bottom line is that they want an experienced nurse. or you have to know someone.
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    .. and no hospital will even look at you without a bsn.
    i had my ASN 3 years ago, and they all wanted a BSN.
    finally got my BSN and they want 1, or 2, or 5 years of at least med/surg experience.

    these days, new grads actually get excited over getting a nursing home job.

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