Interview Callback

  1. What is the time period after an interview before one can expect a call-back or job offer?

    I had two interviews with one of the top hospitals in NJ but I'm a bit nervous because its about 2.5 wks now since the second interview with nurse manager and no followup call back for my 3rd and final interview. I interviewed with the recruiter which went well and a second interview 3wks later with the department manager which I also think went well but have not receive a call back for the third peer interview.

    Is this normal?

    I sent follow-up emails to the recruiter and nurse manager and the recruiter emailed back and mentioned she would meet with nurse manager and call back but it has been 3 days now and no call back. I was told this is one of toughest hospitals in NJ to get into. Should I email the recruiter again or should i just wait it out? Any feed back is appreciated!
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