I am currently licensed in New Jersey, and I am endorsing my license to New York

  1. 0 [font=microsoft sans serif]hi everyone,

    i have a quick question. i am currently licensed in new jersey, and i am endorsing my license to new york, and there is a specific form "form 3: verification of other professional licensure/certification"
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    [font=microsoft sans serif]does this form still have to be filled out and sent if i [color=#f35b00]apply for verification nursys.com?
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    [font=microsoft sans serif]i'm confused...
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    JME, but when I endorsed to NY, I did the electronic verification with NURSYS and did not mail in the verification form to NJBON. License came through just fine, (this was last year.)

    Good luck!
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    Thank you so much, good luck to you too!!!
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    Same with me. Everything done online. P.s.- market alittle grim in ny also for lpns, but we all hope it improves! Best wishes!!
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    I skipped the form too and just did it online. I actually just got my NY license in the mail It took 2 months. Good luck!

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