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    Hey guys need help asap from any students who attended or are attending Easwick College LPN to RN program in Ramsey NJ. Unfortunatelly I am at Trinitas School of Nursing LPN to RN program and one word HORRIBLE!!!! In my second semester and not happy with the results. Are professors aren't really teaching, lecture powerpoints not in order, no math help for math calculations such as jevity or bladder irrigation questions, emotional beatten, and director writes exams not professors. I was a graduate from Eastwick LPN program. I now hoping for the best as this semester draws to a close but I have to have plan B avaliable in case Trinitas aint working. Please if anyone has attended Eastwick LPN to RN please help me out tell me how are the professors and work load. I have the application and will send it out today.

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    Currently got into Eastwick LPN to RN program for January 2014 semester. From what I've heard, the RN program is great. I'm looking forward to start and get it over and done with already.
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    @ seed 3...please tell me what test did you take to get accepted was it the teas?
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    I took the lpn steps, and it wasn't bad.

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