hello freinds please please please give me some supportive suggestions, i

  1. 0 I got my rn license from California and its 3months passed still not received my Nj license. I continue calling them and all the time they said its in processing. I am just wondering may be they looking for any language test like toffel or ilets. I asked to them about any test.today They said they will send a letter. M exhausted , I am free from last one year . I extremely need a job.hey guys do you have to give any language test while endorsement in Nj. 100 questions rising in my brain daily.. I am so tired about this ...I hope friends u can give me some supporting words to ease my tension. Thanks alot
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    Maybe you need to take a trip to the BON offices in Newark? I found them to be very helpful in person, as long as you are polite, friendly, and understanding of the enormous workload they have. If you have a TOEFL score to give them, you might as well send it. Better to have too much documentation than not enough.
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    no , they dont need any english test because finally i got MY license

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