Community Medical Center (Toms River)

  1. 0 Does anyone work, or have any experience with Community Medical Center in Toms River? I'm looking at jobs there but wanted unbiased feedback from employees. Anything you could tell me as far as training, ratios, satisfaction would be great
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    I've been a patient there and had a family member be a patient for an extended period and that was not a good experience for anyone involved. I grew up spending my summers there and live there full time for years as an adult and still go there during my impression and the hospitals local reputation isn't great however oddly enough it was just voted "best of" in a hospital listing for the US and it ranked in the top 5 I believe I was told. A friend is a higher up Dr. there too...even they was surprised it made any "best of" list. Hope that helps a bit...but again, I don't work there myself.

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