caldwell college pre-nursing tack????

  1. 1 Hey guys! I am a junior at Hunter College in the city and i am finally completing all my pre reqs for nursing this semester. That said I applied to Caldwell College as a transfer and they sent me a letter saying I got accepted for fall 2011 pre-nursing track? The admission guy told me that I had to finish some of the pre-reqs caldwell college requires then I will have a spot at the BSN pragrom if I maintain a gpa higher than a 2.75. I guess this is a good thing??? Finally some good news. What do you guys think?

    Anyone accepted to the "pre-nursing track" like me ??? let me know!

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    Hey, I would like to do the same because I'm in the same position. I would like to know, what was your gpa before you got accepted?
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    Hey my GPA was around 3.1-3.2. I later found out that if you are accepted to the pre nursing track you are basically accepting to the program ALTHOUGH you still need to maintain a good GPA and C or better in science classes because the nursing faculty still reviews your record before nursing clinicals to make sure you are going to be able to get through the program.
    hope that helps!

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