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Burlington county college nursing program

  1. 0 I'm getting really nervous that I won't be accepted into the nursing program this fall 2013. I am taking anatomy and physiology II and philosophy right now at ocean county college and I am registered for microbiology in summer I at ocean county college. After that all I have left are the nursing classes. Anyone in the same boat? I have been hearing that people who already completed all their classes minus the nursing classes were the ones getting in. I also have 90 other credits at bcc from a previous degree.
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    Hello Heathierose!

    I've been thinking about pursing nursing but, I'm having a hard time getting things settled at BCC. There have been a lot of delays (getting my transcripts processed, financial aid paperwork processed, contacted the nursing dept but received no response, etc). It's been a little disheartening.

    Did you have someone at the school who was advising you?

    I hope that you were able to get into the Fall 2013 semester. I would love to hear any input that you have. I feel like I'm fighting to get the information that I need.

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    Hey Heatherlee,

    I'm sorry for the delayed response, I just saw your post. I was waitlisted for bcc the last two times. I applied at BCC for fall 14 still waiting to hear about that. But either way I no longer qualify for financial aid there so I can no longer go there :/. How are things going for you?
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    I have been going to BCC since 2007, I must say I heard great things about the nursing program but advising isn't much help. Your best bet would be to go to pemberton campus and speak with them and complete all your prerequisites and apply to other nursing programs as well to increase your chances. I applied to temple and abington for fall 2014. CCC has a good program as well as aria in philadelphia. Other colleges to consider if you have the money are drexel and lasalle. I know lasalle has a prerequisite of nursing and some college require you to have chemistry as well. I took most of my science courses at ocean county college online and they all transfered, plus chemistry didn't require algebra as a prereq as BCC does. Best of luck.
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    Hey ladies.. I'm also trying to get into the Fall 2014 or Spring 2015 nursing program at BCC. Good luck to you both!
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    I got waitlisted for the 4th time for bcc but got accepted to abington (first choice)!
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    Where is Abington??
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    The school is in willow grove pa. The school is called abington memorial hospital dixon school of nursing. Google it and you will find their website. Best of luck!
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    I got my acceptance letter into the spring 2015 program a couple of days ago!
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    are the nurses classes at pemberton or mt laurel?
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    How is bcc nursing program?
    I want to apply for evening 2016..