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  1. I have all my pre-req classes except A&P II which I'm taking this fall at BCC. I already applied online. Does anyone know exactly what the evening nursing program means? I am a transfer student and I have most of the science classes already. Does it mean the classes are held at night? If i start spring 2011, when will i graduate?
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  3. by   aeronursenj
    Having taken the evening classes at Mercer County community college. the evening classes are just that. The same amount of time in each class/clinical but at nights. for instance in nur.1 I would do Monday lecture 6pm-9pm, then have lab tuesdays 6:50-8:30 then clinical thurs-friday from 5:30 -11:00.
  4. by   aeronursenj
    Also to your other question. If you start in Spring of 2011 you will be done school in fall 2012 (most likley gradute the following year in january of 2013).. Hope this helps.
  5. by   zorro_wrangler
    How does the application into the program and the pre reqs work? Do they wait till you get the grade from your pre req by the end of the semester and then decide if you make the cut? Arent acceptance letters given out well before the end of the semester?

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