Any one graduated from Eastwick at Ramsey

  1. 0 I'm applying to Eastiwck. Scheduled for the Test for next week.
    1. Could someone tell me how do you like (or did you like Easwick), what teachers are nice and what teachers to "look out for" (If you know what I mean).
    2. Also If you are Already done with LPN
    a. How long did you have to wait to get a JOB? (They are telling me that you have to wait 6 months between the Programs and you have to be Employed as an LPN.)
    b. How's Employers respond to Eastwick Education?

    thanks alot
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    just finished an entrance test, If anyone interested. Was alot of Metric Conversions, Spelling, fractions.
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    I am taking the entrance exam next week. Thanks for the info

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