Accepted into nursing at brookdale!2014!!

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    I just got accepted into brookdale community college in lincroft nursing program I start this January the 22 2014 anyone recently graduate that can give me a lot of info about it and what to expect and how you did going through it!?!??!
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    Thanks are you familiar with the program??
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    Moved to NJ Nursing forum for more response.
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    How do I do that
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    Quote from caremerc
    How do I do that
    The admin team already moved it...
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    congratulations! How long were you on the waiting list for? I am attending an information session in april and heard that the waiting list no longer exists.
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    Yeah I only waited like two weeks after I took the hesi
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    Congrats! I just graduated in May, and it was ALOT of work, but you can do it if you put in the time and work hard! I worked full time and still managed almost all A's. My advice to you if you want to work in a hospital when you graduate, is to get a job as a PCA while in school. People are having a lot of trouble finding jobs, and only those of us who did just that have found hospital jobs. The others are in LTC.
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    What advice would you give for the program how did you study what are some tips and tricks you can give that helped you through out the program