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8 or 12 hr shifts at St.Joseph's

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    Does anyone know if St. Joseph's in Paterson, NJ has 12hr nurse shifts? It looks like most north jersey hospitals do 12 hrs.
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    I don't know;call them and ask.gl
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    They have both.. it depends on what floor your on. The floor I am on does 12s but I know other floors that do 8s.
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    Does anyone know what St. Joseph's in Wayne pays new RN grads? I was just offered an externship there and was wondering?
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    heyy guys i'm moving to north jersey from texas in the next 6 months and I was wondering if the hospitals are hiring at this time , been a lpn on medsurg floor for 2 1/2/ years and in october i've been in critical care stepdown unit for a year this coming october as a RN , do I have a good chance of getting hired up there by any of the hospitals ???? any bit of information would help this TEXAN )))))