Wondering about the UNH Direct Entry Master's Program Classes...

  1. Hello--

    Can anyone offer information regarding what the class schedule tends to be like for the Direct Entry Masters Program? What does the first year look in terms of frequency of classes, clinicals, etc?

    I am hoping to hear back from UNH by the end of this month and was wondering if anyone could provide more information on this.

    Also, has anyone who has been through this program also done their Post Masters certificate?

    Thank you!
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  3. by   arciedee
    First four semesters (spring, summer, fall, spring) you can pretty much plan on having class or clinical 4 days a week. I generally had one day "off" (i.e. studying) during the week. Some courses are online or hybrid online/in-class, so that gives you a little more schedule flexibility. The last two semesters are part time and I was able to work full-time as a nurse during that time.

    I am considering doing the post-masters certificate to become an FNP at UNH, but with job changes I've put that plan on hold for a bit. I do know of other DEMNs in the post-masters program, though, and they are doing well.