UNH Graduate Program in Nursing

  1. [FONT=comic sans ms]I'm interested in their Master's Degree program. Can anyone shed light on what their overall experiences (good, bad, room for improvement, etc.) has been like?
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    578 views and no responses?
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    Hi Selene,
    can't speak for any of the program alumni but I know for those of us entering the next cohort, a lot of us probably haven't responded because there isn't much to say since we haven't started the program yet. Have you checked this thread's archive? There is a lot dating back to the early cohorts 5+ years ago that is on here. You might try messaging some of those people individually if they're still checking this site since they might not be looking in this specific thread (NH state nursing programs), which I think is more designed for applicants than alumni. Good luck and I'm happy to answer any specific admissions related questions if you message them to me.
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