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  1. 0 Hello, I was hired in a physicians office as a MA while I was in nursing school with the promise that my salary would be increased when I received my RN license. So I have my license now (RN) and the salary discussion is set to take place with my employer and my responsibilities have increased DRAMATICALLY. Problem is, I'm not really sure what a new grad RN should expect to make in a Physician's office. If anyone has any idea, please let me kow. I just want to be prepared when I go to my meeting to know what a reasonable offer would be...or not be. Thanks in advance!
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    I was a clinic nurse in Washington State for 5 years. I started at $23.50 and e.nded at $28.24.

    Then we moved to NH. I knew salaries were lower here, so at my first clinic job interview I asked for $23. They said, "Well....you DO have the experience..." - sounded like they were implying that was a lot for a clinic job.

    I have also heard that one of the major clinic organizations starts new grads at $19.60/hr.

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