Psych M/H N/P preceptor NEEDED

  1. Hello Everyone,
    Hope that all is well with everyone. I am posting this in the hope that someone will see my post and be able to help me. I am praying that maybe someone on the board or that someone on the board knows someone in the Southern New Hampshire area that may be willing to precept me this coming years. I am coming upon my final year at Vanderbilt and this is the year where I will need to be precepted in the clinical environment, my focus is family psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner.
    I attend Vanderbilt via distance learning format/ block education learning and I am almost complete. I am responsible to locate my own clinical site and I have not seemed to have had any luck. If you do not know of a person, you may still be able to help, because I am open to any/all suggestions on what has worked for any of you who found yourself in the same position or know of someone who was in the same position.
    I really appreciate your help!
    I am about 5 minutes from Lowell, MA
    I am about 25 minutes from Boston, MA
    I am about 10 minutes from Lowell, MA
    I am about 20 minutes from Manchester, MA
    all areas are great for me to travel to .
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