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Please Help!!

  1. 0 I just found out through my work that my LNA license is expiring this Monday. I work very per diem (only about 10 times so far this year) and thought would be reminded through mail. However, they stopped doing this. I know you can renew on-line but don't even know my license number which I need for renewel!

    I emailed my employer to see if she has it on file...but besides waiting until Monday is there anyway of getting my number so can work on it this weekend?

    Thanks for any help!!
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    In NYS we can look it up by name. Not in NH?
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    I think you can call the BON and find it out.
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    You can look up your license number here and can start the online renewal process here.
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    Thank you I found the website now wondering where can take on-line classes for free because afraid of being audited...