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Nursing at Rivier--hardest semester?

  1. 0 Hi All, I just started the nursing program at Rivier and I'm in NSG 101. I find it very time consuming but not too difficult. I keep hearing that NSG 102 is considered the "weeding out semester" can anyone tell me why that is?
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    102 was considered "the weeding out semester" for us for sure. it is very intense and very fast paced. even the instructors will tell you it is the weeding out semester... not so much the content as the AMOUNT of content in combination with other classes most take at this time (microbiology for example.) I got through it fine though!
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    Thanks for the reply! So if 102 is your only class, do you think that it's as difficult? I am an evening student so we are only taking one class at a time.
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    if you have more time to concentrate on that one class, i think you will be fine. i was fine with 5 classes at the time. its really all about what effort you put in. do the work required and seek help if you need it and you should do great!
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