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NH license reinstatement question

  1. 0 Hi all,

    I'm a RN with 7 years experience who is currently licensed in MA. I started my nursing career in NH, but let that license expire 3 years ago when it looked like I wouldn't be practicing in NH again. Except now I'm going to be taking a summer job in NH and I need to have my license reinstated. I went to the NH licensing website and entered in my name and license number- which was listed as inactive. But I can't figure out how to re-activate it. I know it's not a super easy process like just renewing, but does anyone have an idea how I should go about doing this? I've emailed their contact, but she hasn't replied yet...


    EDIT: I actually found the info I was looking for online. Thanks to everyone though.
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    Call them on phone. I found them easy to deal with.