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    Has anyone been accepted or waitlisted at MCC? I have been waitlisted, but accepted at NHTI.

    I have been going to NHTI since 2005 on and off, but the past few semesters taking classes at MCC because it is closer to home.

    I plan to put my registration deposit down at NHTI to hold my spot, but I think if I get called off the waitlist at MCC I will go there for travel reasons.

    What school do you think is better for the nursing program?

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    Hi there-
    I know you posted this a while ago and it may be too late to be of any help to you- but when I started considering schools I asked doctors I knew, nurses I knew and had my husbnad who is a paramedic ask his friends in the ER. And NHTI came down as number 1 without any competition. Over and over I heard that the program was hard, rigorous and excellent and they would want an NHTI nurse over others....

    I did not hear anything bad about MCC, I just didn't hear anything about them.

    Good Luck! I wish you the best wherever you go!

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