LTC Baylor Shifts in NH for a LNA? LTC Baylor Shifts in NH for a LNA? | allnurses

LTC Baylor Shifts in NH for a LNA?

  1. 0 Hello! Do you know any current LTC facility's in NH (Strafford County preferably) that have Baylor Shifts for LNA's? Thank you!
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    Dover rehab, and Langdon place are the only two that I am aware of that do have a baylor shift for LNAs. In LTC, they are few and far between. There may be more than those two, if they are offering baylor, they will post that it is baylor.
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    Also, if anyone knows of any LTC Baylor Shifts for a LNA in the surrounding counties, like Rockingham, that would be great too! Thank you!
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    I am also looking for an LNA baylor in or around Concord though.

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