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LPN salary

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    We may be moving back to central NH this spring. I've been out of the Northeast for 3 years, so I don't really have a good feel for what LPN salaries are. I have 5+ years in home health/hospice. What would be a reasonable salary for me to ask for when interviewing, both full time and per diem? Thanks so much!
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    Hi, I dont have answer for you, as I am a new grad LPN. I just wanted to add to your thread of what should a new grad expect or ask? I have only worked one shift with one agency and they offered me 23.00/hr. I thought that was really good. But maybe because that is agency work? I am new to the nursing field and trying to get some guidance. Thanks Barb
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    i am not an RN or LPN but worked as an LNA in a LTCF and some of the LPNs made around 15-18 an hour they have worked for a few years so 15 would probably be for newer grads..they also worked full time

    hope that kind of helps!