LNA-Pay (Northern NH)

  1. i guess i just would like an idea if at all possible of the pay scale for new lna's. i live in the northern part of nh, near conway. the training i will be taking is in berlin, as well as the school i will be attending for nursing is in berlin. i should be starting the training course at the end of march and would just like an idea. i planned to try that out, and work as a lna while i attend nursing school next fall (2009)
    thanks for any information!
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  3. by   Splendid Splinter
    Hi, RNWannaBe724
    The nursing homes in Berlin start new LNA's at $10 and change. The area hospitals tend to run a couple of dollars less.
    I live in Gorham, and am finishing up my freshman year in Berlin. The program is excellent, and the faculty have been outstanding.
    If you have any Questions regarding the program, let me know!
    Good Luck to you.