LNA job interview testing?

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    When you were interviewed for a LNA job position, did the facility test your skills during the interview process? Do all places do this? Is it legal? I can't help but be a little upset over the thought of this, because I just recently passed the nerve-racking clinical part of the state exam involving skills and I hate the thought of having to go through it all over again for every job interview that I have. Please help!

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    The reason why I ask is because on the back of one of the job applications that I have, is an area for the "Test Administrator" to fill out the list of "tests administered" and her "raw score, rating, comments and interpretation" of them.
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    where i worked and other friends of mine who work elsewhere as LNA just a regular interview no hands on stuff,might ask you what would you do if... and that stuff but agian i havent heard any hands on stuff

    good luck!

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